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16 Jan 2018

Amid the changing informational landscape, media trust in the U.S. has been eroding, making it harder for the news media to fulfill their democratic responsibilities of informing the public and holding government leaders accountable.

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2 Mar 2017

A new report finds that teens and young adults express low levels of trust in the news media and use a variety of strategies to confirm, verify, and clarify the stories they care about, according to a study produced by Data & Society Research Institute...

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9 Feb 2017

When following links, online news consumers could recall the name of the news outlet 56% of the time.

nyone who wants to understand today’s news environment faces a challenge: How to discern the nuances of digital news habits when Americans’ attention spans are fractured,...

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26 Jan 2017

Podcasting and on-demand audio are attracting new audiences, giving rise to new voices and creating new revenue sources, with public broadcasters playing a central role, according to a study by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation released today.

Yet the fast-growing podcast...

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3 Nov 2016

In local communities, the civically engaged – the people who vote, volunteer and connect with those around them – play a key role in community life. Thus, how and to what degree they stay informed about their communities carries added weight.

A new study...

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30 Jul 2013

Knight Foundation has supported nearly a dozen open contests, reviewed almost 25,000 applications and chosen more than 400 winning ideas. This report discusses what the Foundation has learnt from this experience about how good contests work, what they can do, and what the challenges are.

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26 Aug 2006

The program dispensed more than $13 million from 1994 to 2004, a critical period for orchestras. After decades of growth, the field was experiencing financial crises that appeared to be symptomatic of larger problems. Knight’s program attempted to tackle those problems head-on.

This history...

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