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31 Jan 2018

This paper examines the potential benefits and pitfalls of mobile phones for accessing social services, particularly in response to gender-based violence, in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

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22 Nov 2017

This paper reports on a multifaceted response to build capacity and willingness of health professionals to identify signs of family violence and engage with referral pathways to on-site legal assistance

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16 Apr 2015

Background and review question

School-based education programmes for the prevention of child sexual abuse have been implemented on a large scale in some countries. We reviewed the evidence for the effectiveness of these programmes in the following areas: (i) children's skills in protective...


8 Feb 2012

How do creative bloggers, that is, artists, designers and makers who blog about their practice, use a social approach to foster creativity with a sense of community, environmental and ethical awareness, a value framework that is in opposition to the market-driven notion of liberal individualism....

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15 Mar 2015

In explaining policy reform, there is a tendency to assume that causes and outcomes are temporally contiguous and that the consequences of reform efforts unfold quickly. There is no obvious reason, theoretical or empirical, why this should be the case when considering the relationships between...

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15 Mar 2015

The public value framework, with its call for more entrepreneurial activities by public managers, has attracted concern and criticism about its implicit breaching of the politics/administration dichotomy. This article explores the role of political astuteness not only in discerning and creating public value, but also...



2 Dec 2014

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Smoking is Victoria's leading preventable cause of death and continues to kill 4,000 Victorians every year. 1 In a demonstration of public health leadership, all Victorian universities have recently joined forces in the implementation of the Victorian Universities Tobacco-Free Initiative to...

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6 Nov 2013

Abstract: Seasonal and temporary migration programs are widely used around the world, yet there is scant evidence as to their development impacts. Absent such evidence, it is difficult to evaluate whether the proliferation of temporary worker programs in recent years is a useful development. This...

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13 Jun 2013

Artists and designers are positioned at the centre of the twenty-first century creative economy. In order to recognise and make the most of the opportunities afforded by this new era, artists and designers still require the creativity, disciplinary depth of knowledge and technical skills traditionally...

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