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15 Mar 2018

This project is mapping inquiries into historical child abuse that have proliferated since the 1990s. Its aim is to develop a publicly available web resource containing information on inquiries across the globe.

Research report

10 Aug 2017

Multiple research methods were used to develop options for specialist schools to enhance mainstream school inclusion.


1 Jan 2010

This thesis will argue that the mere removal of drought from the Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements and directing the management of drought onto the individual farmer in the National Drought Policy (NDP), failed to 'normalise' drought as regular feature of Australia's variable climate for the...



18 Nov 2008

AS IS WELL KNOWN, on 30 September 2008 the first unauthorized boat arrivals of the Rudd Government era were intercepted by the Australian Navy off the coast of Western Australia and taken to Christmas Island. The boat, which had departed from Indonesia, carried twelve passengers...

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Research report

14 Nov 2017

Research has shown a decline in sport participation for youth between 13-17 years old and that, in order to increase participation in this age group, sporting activities need to be designed to meet their motivations and interests.


14 Jun 2017

This report looks at what Australia invests in preventive health measures and argues that governments must spend more wisely to contain the burgeoning healthcare budget.


20 May 2016

UniPollWatch is a world first. It is the biggest university student journalism project ever undertaken in Australia. The journalism schools at 28 universities have united to cover the 2016 federal election. We are reporting on every House of Representatives electorate, as well as most of...



5 May 2016

Most Australian women (87%) have experienced some form of street harassment, whether it’s whistles, stares, unwanted comments or being followed by strangers in the street – often before the age of 18.

Several countries, including Belgium and Portugal, have introduced legislation to...

Literature review

30 Jan 2016

This Evidence Check review examines the association between alcohol availability, alcohol consumption and harms by reviewing evidence from 191 studies over the last decade, and focusing on the density of alcohol outlets and permissible trading hours. Findings include high-quality, locally relevant evidence that alcohol outlet...