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1 May 2017

Newspapers have not fared well under the onslaught of technological innovation. Cuts in newsrooms continue around the world and go hand in hand with the rise of clickbait and social media becoming the major platforms of news delivery.

Is there any way of ensuring...

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9 Apr 2015

John Kenneth Galbraith agreed with the Keynesian view that one day society would be in a financial position where we could work fewer hours, devote more time to leisure and where inequality would diminish. That was a view from the 1950s when he wrote his...

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12 Mar 2015

The release of the inter-generational report has given rise to much talk about inequality and the need for another look at our tax system. It's been five years since the release of the Henry Tax Review, a comprehensive study of our tax and transfer system,...

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27 Jan 2015

In 1980 ANU security expert Des Ball published, A Suitable Piece of Real Estate , about American installations in Australia. These military and intelligence bases are the cornerstone of the Australian/US defence relationship.

Over 30 years later, there are calls for a renewed debate...

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25 Nov 2014

State elections are often considered as barometers of the national political mood. Latest polls still show Labor winning this week's Victorian state election. Will Victoria's poll be decided on the Abbott government's economic policies?


Brian Costar, Professor of Political Science, Swinburne University...

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