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23 Jun 2014

Open data offers a new start for economic reform and productivity growth. Leveraging the new possibilities of the Internet to make better use of existing resources, it offers us a way of getting past the political economy of winners and losers.

This report illustrates...


29 Feb 2012

In making this submission, we hope to assist The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in developing a methodology for valuing Public Sector Information (PSI) and to contribute to the current draft and design of proposed subsequent agency and user survey questionnaires....


2 Nov 2011

Cloud computing is a significant opportunity for Australian industry. Ibis World estimated Australian cloud revenues at over $1 billion for 2010 and employment at around 4,300 persons. When it comes to cloud computing, can Australia reasonably aspire to become a regional hub for cloud...


4 Mar 2008

This submission to the Unsworth Inquiry does not oppose the privatisation, but takes issue with two propositions which appear to be presumed inmany discussions of the future of NSW’s electricity assets: that keeping the electricity industry in public hands will compromise the state’s AAA credit...


28 Aug 2007

This paper looks at examples of what has gone wrong with Australia's existing regulatory regime and at concrete examples of what can be improved with a new approach to regulation which is more fully focused on continually optimising our regulatory systems in the way businesses...

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