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7 Feb 2017

Last week, the UK House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee launched an inquiry into ‘fake news’ which the Committee chair describes as a “threat to democracy” that “undermines confidence in the media in general.” Since November’s US presidential election, the issue of...

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6 Feb 2017

Digital media played a prominent role in the recent US presidential election, with social media platforms channelling previously fringe universes of political culture, rooted in populism and post-truth politics, right into the mainstream of US political discourse. Meanwhile, traditional mechanisms, from polling to mainstream media,...

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14 Jun 2016

How should systems that were originally set up to deal with complaints from members of the public about traditional media respond to the rise in bloggers and citizen journalists? Adeline Hulin, Project Consultant for UNESCO, reflects on the situation across Europe, and argues that existing...

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5 Jan 2016

The vast availability of digital traces of unprecedented form and scale has led many to believe that we are entering a new data revolution. Will these new data sources and tools allow us to improve business processes in transformative ways? Vyacheslav Polonski argues that the...

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4 Jan 2016

Guest contributor Anne Collier discusses youth and digital citizenship, and shares ten key insights for parents.

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26 Aug 2013

Over the last six years there has been a major increase in online activity by children up to eight years old, a leading international internet survey has found.

The trend has prompted growing concern for children’s safety – and especially the risks they may...


1 Jan 2012

This report presents the full findings from a new and unique survey designed and conducted according to rigorous standards by the EU Kids Online network. It was funded by the European Commissions’ Safer Internet Programme in order to strengthen the evidence base for policies regarding...


30 Nov 2011

Governments across the world want to save money, indeed they need to save money. At the same time they seek to achieve urgent transformation and reform in their organisational structures - a process that often requires new information systems and data infrastructures.

In the...


29 Sep 2011

Twitter is a form of free micro-blogging which allows users to send and receive short public messages called tweets. Tweets are limited to no more than 140 characters, and can include links to blogs, web pages, images, videos and all other material online. You can...


13 Jan 2010

This UK paper considers the role of academics in current debates on media and cultural policy in the UK.

Although theories of the intellectuals differ widely as to what such a role might be, they point to a more general issue: the struggle for...