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9 Aug 2018

The Pacific aid map is an analytical tool designed to enhance aid effectiveness in the Pacific by improving coordination and accountability of foreign aid through enhanced transparency of aid flows.


6 Aug 2018

Australia’s dialogue partner relationship with ASEAN supports Australian policy autonomy and Australia’s engagement with Southeast Asia. This relationship also has significant room for growth, according to this report.

Research report

1 Aug 2018

This analysis argues there is a need for an integrated and strategic perspective to achieve comprehensive and cohesive policymaking and implementation to enhance the security and stability of the Pacific as a strategic priority for Australia.


3 Jul 2018

This report argues that Donald Trump's stoking of the politics of grievance and resentment will continue to corrode domestic support for a more ambitious U.S foreign policy and in future, allies will have to think about the nature of American power differently.


20 Jun 2018

After the remarkable developments of the past two years and following a year of heated domestic debate on issues such as foreign influence, energy and immigration, the 2018 Lowy Institute Poll has observed both continuities and discontinuities in Australian public opinion.

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