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26 Jul 2012

In this new Working Paper, Mark Thirlwell provides a beginner’s guide to the Eurozone crisis. He argues that the Eurozone experiment has rested on a series of big economic and political bets, and that it’s now clear that almost none of them have...

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25 Jul 2012

The territorial disputes in the South China Sea get much less attention than other crisis points, in the Taiwan Straits and the Korean Peninsula, but are arguably more unpredictable and dangerous. It is in the South China Sea that the components of Asia’s changing power...

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28 Jun 2012

Australia's political relationship with China is far less developed than its economic relationship. This paper argues that this is detrimental to Australia's interests because China is not merely an economic power but also a crucial political and security actor in the region.

Underdeveloped political...

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5 Jun 2012

The 2012 Lowy Institute Poll reports the results of a nationally representative opinion survey of 1,005 Australian adults conducted in Australia between 26 March and 10 April 2012 using mobile and landline telephones.

It also reports the results of a parallel survey conducted in...

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14 May 2012

While relations between Australia and India have advanced impressively over the past decade, the ties between these two democracies have continued to fall short of their great potential.

This state of affairs provided the background for a major dialogue held in Sydney in late...

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