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Understanding Australian attitudes to the world
21 Jun 2017

The 2017 Poll is the thirteenth annual poll by the Lowy Institute. As always, the poll has incorporated a broad range of questions about some of our most important relationships, including those with the United States and China, and asked Australians to consider how much...


2 Jun 2017

Return migration is an emerging policy challenge for the Australian Government.


1 Jun 2017

Russia’s aspirations pose a challenge for Western policymakers.


1 May 2017

Executive summary

What is the problem?

Donald Trump’s election as US president is accelerating a profound global transformation that has huge consequences for Australia. Unlike his predecessors, Trump is less willing to defend the liberal international order that has been of...


27 Apr 2017

This Analysis examines the durability of contemporary resource nationalism in Indonesia. It argues that structural features of the post-Suharto political economy have sustained the nationalist policy trajectory that emerged during the boom.

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