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31 Oct 2017

Despite President Donald Trump’s promise to adopt an America First foreign policy, US policies in East Asia — on issues from trade, to diplomatic engagement, to the North Korean nuclear crisis — now more closely resemble those of Trump’s predecessors than his campaign vision.


25 Oct 2017

US–Russia relations are more problematic and acrimonious than at any time since the end of the Cold War.


6 Oct 2017

Xi Jinping, a politically daring Chinese leader, is certain to win a second five-year term at the 19th Party Congress. However, his harsh line against his opponents, and his timidity on the economy, may come back to haunt him in his second term.

Working paper

22 Sep 2017

This working paper reviews the effect of a specific migration policy change in Australia and examines whether migration policy can be used to influence immigrants’ labour market outcomes.


15 Sep 2017

Twenty years on from the Asian Financial Crisis, this paper assesses how the region is placed to manage and mitigate risks of economic crisis, and considers Australia’s role in this.

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