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10 Aug 2017

The aim of this scoping study is to consider how elder abuse is conceptualised across different dimensions and settings, what mechanisms and interventions have been used to ameliorate abuse, and how effective these interventions have been.


Service users' perspectives on having choice and control in the new National Disability Insurance Scheme
24 May 2017

This project explores the degree to which the NDIS is achieving its aims and objectives from the perspective of people with disability using these services.


15 Feb 2016


This research was commissioned by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute and undertaken by the Centre for Advancing Journalism, both at the University of Melbourne, to discover the drivers of attitudes among Australian voters towards asylumseekers and government policies concerning them. The purpose...


15 Apr 2015

This report addresses researchers and others who are broadly interested in gaining a working understanding of concepts of citizenship to understand issues of social inequality. Citizenship is a concept with a long history and growing breadth. This means that it is a promising concept to...

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