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The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) aims to be the centre of excellence in Australia for research into ageing and improving the quality of life and health of older people.

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Briefing paper

30 Aug 2012

The Benevolent Society has released the seventh in its series of community aged care Research to Practice Briefings. Briefing 7, Supporting older people who are experiencing mental distress or illness, reviews Australian and international research evidence on the symptoms and treatments of mental illness in...

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Discussion paper

21 Sep 2018

Roundtable participants considered the current aged care system, the policy context and demographics, and likely demands and drivers into the future.


15 Feb 2018

This plan, developed by the National Ageing Research Institute, with support from Seniors Rights Victoria, the Office of Public Advocate and community service providers, identifies gaps and sets out ten priorities to address elder abuse.


12 Sep 2017

People are living thirty years longer than they did a century ago but our social structures are slow to adapt. Australia’s workplaces, educational, health and community institutions need to be rethought and reinvented to gain optimal outcomes for the new longevity economy to function effectively...


10 Aug 2017

The aim of this scoping study is to consider how elder abuse is conceptualised across different dimensions and settings, what mechanisms and interventions have been used to ameliorate abuse, and how effective these interventions have been.

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15 Apr 2018

This guide provides information to assist aged care providers, particularly managers and senior staff, in implementing advance care planning.

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