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8 Aug 2014

With public drinking laws proliferating across urban areas over the past 15 years, this project evaluated the implementation of these laws, their effectiveness, and their impact on a range of target groups including police, residents, traders, local health and welfare workers, and potentially marginalised groups....


5 May 2014

This project aimed to determine whether comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography is suitable for routine use in a forensic laboratory for profiling illicit substances.


Analytical gas chromatographic methods usually rely upon a single dimension (ie single column) high-resolution capillary GC column to...


10 Feb 2014

This study sought to identify the disruptive effect of proceeds of crime action on criminal activity, and to identify factors associated with successful proceeds of crime action.

Executive summary

Illicit drug trafficking is a source of funds for further trafficking and for...


14 Jan 2014

Executive summary: This report presents the results of Australian Institute of Criminology research on issues and challenges of policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in metropolitan environments. This report is a companion to the 2006 National Drug...


18 Oct 2013

This report contains eight linked feasibility studies conducted in Cairns during 2010. These exploratory studies examine the complex challenges of compiling and sharing information about incidents of person-to-person violence in a late night entertainment precinct (LNEP). The challenges were methodological as well as logistical and...

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