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26 Mar 2010

Australia is an increasingly diverse country, with a robust history of migration which has a strong impact upon Australian values, culture and composition, particularly with respect to the contribution that has been made by of a growing proportion of Australians with non English...


18 Aug 2009

Drawing on focus group discussions this report document stories and descriptions of what it means to belong, to be accepted and to feel socially included and connected.

Social policy researchers have taken an increasing interest in moving beyond traditional measurements of poverty and disadvantage...


16 Jun 2009

This report addresses a key equity issue for migrants with disability in Australia, which means that migrants with disability are unable to access appropriate financial support, or a range of services and support that are available to other Australian residents with disability.

Migrants with...

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3 Mar 2009

The Australian Government commitment to building a social inclusion framework for government policies and directions has the potential to provide a positive framework for addressing disadvantage and working toward cohesion and participation for all members of our society, including the one million people from non...


21 Oct 2008

Potential migrants and refugees to Australia are subject to a health assessment in order to determine their eligibility. In most cases (including for humanitarian entrants), the assumed future costs associated with a health condition or disability are taken into account as part of the assessment...

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