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4 Feb 2013

More than 11 years after the attacks of 9/11 and nearly a decade since the rise of popular online jihadi Internet forums, there is strikingly little empirical research on the manner in which jihadi activists use the Web to propagate their cause. Whereas researchers and...


14 Sep 2010

Both major parties have committed to continuing the deployment of Australian troops in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province. This research paper examines the factors behind the Taliban's resurgence in Uruzgan and the neighbouring province of Zabul.

The relatively early resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan...


2 Dec 2008

America?s communications infrastructure is stuck at a copper wall. For the vast majority of homes, copper wires remain the principal means of getting broadband services. The deployment of fiber optic connections to the home would enable exponentially faster connections, and few dispute that upgrading to...

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