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28 Jun 2015

There is no doubt at all that international free trade creates global wealth and raises living standards for all countries involved. It allows nations to benefit from the natural advantages and skills of others, and it allows consumers to enjoy a greater choice of goods...

17 Mar 2013

Some time back in the 1990s, I wrote an article that began: “The newspaper you are holding in your hands is an endangered species.”

The risk to newspapers that worried me then had to do with media freedom. That remains a matter...

4 Mar 2013

The Maori Council’s claim over the ownership of New Zealand’s fresh water is a blatant attempt by a powerful political group to seize control of a public good natural resource. New Zealanders are angry about it and so they should be.

The opportunistic endeavours...

31 Oct 2012

Don Brash from the New Zealand Centre for Political Research discusses the recent changes to the Reserve Bank Act.


One of the most depressing things that has happened in New Zealand in recent times was the narrowness with...

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