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30 Jan 2018

This report provides an assessment of the evidence for sugar taxes as a fiscal instrument to improve health. Forty-seven peer-reviewed studies and working papers published in the last five years were reviewed, summarised and assessed for key methodological issues.

Research report

6 Dec 2017

Industry assistance schemes are seen sceptically in New Zealand policy circles but the NZIER modelling shows that the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, as the price of admission to international screen productions, positively influences the wider economy.

Briefing paper

8 Nov 2017

This paper examines the new New Zealand government’s proposals for immigration.

Briefing paper

2 Nov 2017

The new Ardern Government favours early intervention over social investment. Does this mean prevention beats cure?

Briefing paper

1 Nov 2017

This paper discusses the alternatives to inflation-targeting in the post-GFC environment.

Briefing paper

27 Oct 2017

This Insight sets out the five big takeways from a recent visit to China.

Research report

11 Oct 2017

We examine the phenomenon of globalisation as it affects New Zealand. We look at its impact on New Zealand and ask whether it is a force which has had its day (peak globalisation) or is it continuing to morph and evolve.

Policy report

11 Oct 2017

We think voters should be given better information about the fiscal consequences of political parties’ election promises. We offer some observations and suggestions on how.

Policy report

11 Sep 2017

Recommends a return to New Zealand’s long-cherished bipartisan trade policy that has been damaged in recent years’ debates over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Research report

3 Aug 2017

Takes a detailed look at the social and economic costs of congestion to Auckland’s lifestyle and economy.

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