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16 Nov 2015

In view of the strong demand for cross-national indicators on the situation of families and children, the OECD Family Database was developed to provide cross-national indicators on family outcomes and family policies across the OECD countries, its enhanced engagement partners and EU member states....

Research report

4 Feb 2015

This paper provides insights into what partner country governments anticipate will be their main development challenges within five to ten years, and into how they expect their relationships with Development Assistance Committee development assistance providers to evolve in order to meet these challenges


Working paper

12 Jan 2015

This working paper describes the potential of the proliferation of new sources of large volumes of data, sometimes also referred to as "big data", for informing policy making in several areas. It also outlines the challenges that the proliferation of data raises for the production...

Research report

9 Sep 2014

Provides data on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems in the OECD’s 34 member countries, as well as a number of partner countries.


This annual publication is the authoritative source for accurate and relevant information on the state of...

Research report

11 Dec 2013

This OECD report bridges the gap between theory and implementation through case studies that illustrate the conditions in which the concept of smart specialisation can be used to design better public policies for boosting innovation driven growth in OECD regions. It emphasises the need for...

Research report

3 Dec 2013

The findings in this paper allow policy makers around the world to gauge the knowledge and skills of students in their own countries in comparison with those in other countries, set policy targets against measurable goals achieved by other education systems, and learn from policies...

Research report

21 Nov 2013

This publication provides the latest comparable data on different aspects of the performance of health systems in OECD countries. It provides striking evidence of large variations across countries in the costs, activities and results of health systems. Key indicators provide information on health status, the...

Research report

27 Mar 2013

This paper describes teacher strategies and experiences with interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and draws on the published research in this area to understand how a systemic approach to technology-based innovations in schools can contribute to quality education for all. It explores ways to support the cultural...

Research report

11 Sep 2012

Education at a Glance 2012: OECD Indicators offers a rich, comparable and up-to-date array of indicators that reflects a consensus among professionals on how to measure the current state of education internationally.

The indicators provide information on the human and financial resources invested in...

Research report

12 Jul 2012

The OECD employment outlook provides an annual assessment of labour market developments and prospects in member countries.

Editorial (33) Achieving a Sustainable Recovery: What Can Labour Market Policy Contribute?

Chapter1 : Waiting for the Recovery: OECD Labour Markets in...