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8 May 2018

The Victorian Parliament directed the Economy and Infrastructure Committee to conduct an inquiry into electric vehicles in February 2017. This report is a result of that inquiry.


27 Mar 2018

Drug law reform is an incredibly complex area of public policy. This is due to the interweaving nature of the relevant issues and the challenges arising from drug use and its consequences. This complexity is also due to conflicting views about how best to address...


6 Mar 2018

This report, and its 33 findings and 39 recommendations, reflect problems across Victoria’s youth justice system: from crime prevention, through to delays in the Children’s Court, staffing problems within youth justice centres and, finally, what happens when young people are released from detention.


21 Feb 2018

This report examines the 2016–17 annual reports of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Commissioner, the Victorian Ombudsman and the Victorian Inspectorate.


20 Feb 2018

Fuel is an essential item for most families and businesses and high prices can be frustrating. Regional Victorians feel the impact of high fuel prices even more because they travel long distances to access services and they have fewer options of where to purchase fuel...

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Research report

5 May 2016

Machinery of government (“MoG”) changes are the formal transfer of functions from one department to another. These changes may occur at any time, but are most common following an election, particularly where there has been a change of government. MoG arrangements are used to align...

Research report

10 Dec 2015

Following the November 2014 election, the newly elected Victorian government undertook a departmental restructure, which saw nine departments merged into seven, a reallocation of functions between departments and a number of changes to ministerial portfolios.

On 27 May 2015, the Legislative Council passed a...

Research report

24 Jun 2015

Victoria is earning a reputation for producing surprising election results. According to political commentators and the opinion polls, the 1999 election was expected to return the Coalition Government and the 2010 election was expected to return the Labor Government, yet neither did.

Even though...

Research report

5 Mar 2013

The Committee was asked to consider the access and interactions that people with an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment have with the justice system.

Committee Chair, Mr Clem Newton-Brown MP said, “Compared to people without a disability, people with an intellectual disability or cognitive...

Research report

26 Sep 2006

This report is about building stronger communities in Melbourne’s rapidly growing urban-rural ‘Interface’ areas. The Committee’s core finding in this report is that good urban design alone is not enough to build successful new communities in the context of rapid growth and demographic change. More...