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Can the Australian Bureau of Statistics be trusted with voters’ data?
21 Aug 2017

By putting the Australian Bureau of Statistics in charge of the upcoming same-sex marriage postal survey, the Australian Government is failing to learn from its previous privacy blunders, Monique Mann writes.



6 Feb 2017

For cheerleaders of the ANZUS alliance, the statements released after ministerial meetings and leadership phone calls are manna from heaven. The soothing and predictable words are almost like religious recitations: the alliance continues to grow stronger, deeper, wider and more intimate, the interests of Australia...

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26 Aug 2016

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has announced Australia will develop a new foreign policy White Paper, its first since 2003. What has changed for Australian foreign affairs over the last thirteen years, and what foreign policy decisions should the new White Paper prioritise over the...


15 Jun 2015

Access to surgical and anaesthetic care is an essential, but often forgotten, component of health care in the developing world.

An estimated five billion of the world’s population are unable to access safe surgery when they need it, and only six per cent of...



17 Feb 2015

Around 372,000 people drown each year, mostly children in low-income countries. So why has there been such a lack of attention paid to the problem? In journalism parlance, any story which includes the phrase ‘kids will die’ is a front-page splash. But when it comes...

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