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8 May 2017

Marine spatial planning is a well-established approach internationally, and has been used to assist in the application of an ecosystem-based management approach to the marine environment.

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16 Feb 2017

This article discusses the concept of 'global studies', its place in universities worldwide and introduces New Zealand Centre for Global Studies. It contrasts the academic disciplines of international relations with the more recent field of global studies and includes a survey of gloabl think-tanks....

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14 Feb 2017

Life came from the ocean. Without the ocean, life on Earth is not possible. The ocean produces and regulates much of the planet’s oxygen and water, provides substantial amounts of its nutrient and carbon cycling and supports most of its biological diversity. Fish feed over...

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30 Nov 2016

This article considers public consultation in the context of New Zealand local government. Although by international standards New Zealand possesses a rich culture of citizen engagement and public consultation (OECD, 2015), the quality of consultation presents itself as a problem to local government, as their...

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30 Nov 2016

The local government system in Western Australia has two unique characteristics. It is the only state in Australia where there has not been significant reform of the sector. In addition, it is the only state where legislation contains binding provisions for a poll of electors...

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14 Aug 2017

This article develops arguments about improving legislative quality, parliamentary scrutiny and accessibility of the law in New Zealand.

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