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5 Mar 2018

The Regional Arts Fund (RAF) is a devolved Australian Government program that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote Australia. This report describes the impact the fund has had on regional artists, arts organisations and communities between 2012-2016.


4 Feb 2009

This 1998 publication is the first of three volumes of stories from rural and regional Australia, published jointly between the Australia Council and Regional Arts Australia. This publication represents Regional Arts Australia's first national advocacy initiative, designed to promote increased understanding of the nature of...


7 Nov 2008

These stories were created from conversations with people who have made big art projects happen. Moya Sayer-Jones spoke with artists and writers, curators, directors, producers and administrators, then worked directly from transcriptions to tell the story in their own words. The full book is available...


12 Sep 2006

Over 80 key arts decision makers, arts workers and business leaders from around Australia converged on Parliament House in Canberra on August 10, where they discussed current issues for the arts in regional Australia with Senator Rod Kemp, Minister for the Arts and Sport. The...


12 Sep 2006

In 2005 Anne Dunn conducted a comprehensive consultation with country Australians concerning the nature, challenges and opportunities of their work in and aspirations for the arts in their communities and towns. This was followed by twelve Australia-wide forums held across a range of coastal, inland,...

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25 Jan 2007

This report summarises the outcome of IFACCA's 23rd D'Art question on cultural development in rural and remote areas. The topic was initiated by an international network concerned with identifying good practice in facilitating arts, creative industry and/or cultural development in rural and remote areas. The...

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