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12 Jul 2018

The Electorate Profiles online resource is the latest addition to the Australia Council's strong body of research about the arts, which is publicly available on the Arts Nation research hub. This new interactive resource provides information on arts and culture in each of Australia’s 150...


29 Jan 2009

A report on the first year of a major new three-year study of visitors to galleries and museums released by Museums & Galleries NSW. The report demonstrates the value of galleries and museums to all sectors of the community and puts the lie to the...


29 Jan 2009

Today's arts administrator still needs aesthetic appreciation, enthusiasm, and committment to their art, but this needs to be combined with practical business sense and, increasingly, an understanding of marketing and the way in which effective marketing can enhance long-term success.

Marketing provides the framework...


13 Jun 2008

This paper promotes the value of data for strategic marketing and outlines some of the main issues and challenges for arts organisations around collecting, analysing and managing audience data. It also provides a brief overview of data collection methods and Vital Statistics, a program developed...


24 Mar 2008

Anne Parsons? presentation stresses the need to start a dialogue and create a connection with recipients of marketing messages.

The current advertising landscape is characterized by boundless choice but limited attention, low barriers to competitive entry, a focus on consumers, and brands with values...

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