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26 Oct 2017

Cape York leader, Noel Pearson, says Malcolm Turnbull has broken the hearts of Indigenous Australians by rejecting the Uluru Statement.

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9 Jun 2016

Why, in this marathon election campaign, are we not hearing more about an issue that takes thousands of lives and costs the economy billions of dollars each year?

The issue is mental health, and the question is being asked by many Australians, including Professor...

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29 Apr 2016

A new study has found that youth homelessness is costing the health and justice systems more than $600 million a year. The study was done over four years and followed more than four hundred young homeless people during that time.

One of the report...

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5 Apr 2016

Helen Clark has been the United Nation's highest-ranking woman for the past seven years, but could geopolitical correctness keep New Zealand's former Prime Minister from being appointed the next UN Secretary-General?

Interview with Professor John Langmore, who worked with the UN for many years...

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26 Aug 2015

Libraries can fall victim to some unfortunate misconceptions: piles of intimidating books and librarians anxious to keep the place quiet. But many libraries are actually providing an important social hub for many of Australia's homeless and other disadvantaged people.

Libraries provide a lot of...

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25 Jun 2015

A referendum on recognising Indigenous people in the constitution 'cannot and must not fail' according to the chair of a parliamentary inquiry into the issue.

Liberal MP Ken Wyatt says a referendum should be held when it has the best chance of success, and...

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21 Jul 2014

The Melbourne 2014 AIDS conference is discussing progress and challenges in the fight against HIV/ AIDS.

In 2012, 35 million people were estimated to be living with HIV, with over two million newly-infected in 2012.

How far have we come and do we...

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