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Interdisciplinary approaches
28 Oct 2017

This book explores creative interdisciplinary and potentially transformative solutions to the current stalemate in contemporary water policy design.


1 Jan 2017

If everyone with a smartphone can be a citizen photojournalist, who needs professional photojournalism?


30 Oct 2016

This book has been published on behalf of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

CHASS promotes and supports the humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) in Australia, and represents an important networking forum for teachers, researchers, pro- fessionals, practitioners and policy...


17 Jan 2016

In recent years, the search for innovative, locally relevant and engaging public service has become the new philosophers’ stone. Social procurement represents one approach to maximising public spending and social value through the purchase of goods and services. It has gained increasing attention in recent...

Research report

1 Jan 2012
Introduction : co-evolution, complexity and emergence in regional innovation systems What went wrong with the vertical process and policy perspective? What is transversality? The co-evoluttionary origins of transversatlity Transversality and transition in innovation and eco-innovation : towards complex adaptive systems analysis Transition regions and eco-innovations...

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