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Research report

30 Aug 2018

This report is expected to be published in August 2018

Please note: The initial report on this project can be accessed here

Research report

22 May 2017

This baseline report is the first report released as part of the Journey to Social Inclusion Mark II (J2SI Mark II) research study.

Research report

30 Apr 2015

Executive Summary: Journey to Social Inclusion was a three year pilot that provided intensive support designed to break the cycle of long-term homelessness. This report presents the social and economic outcomes of the J2SI pilot. It covers the three years the trial ran, and...

Research report

29 Apr 2014

Evaluating an intensive intervention designed to end long-term homelessness, this report covers the 36 months outcomes of the Journey to Social Inclusion pilot program and follows on from two previous reports which examined outcomes after 12 and 24 months. The evaluation combined a traditional Randomised...

Research report

6 Dec 2012

Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) is a pilot project designed to break the cycle of long-term homelessness. The project provides intensive support for up to three years to assist people who are long-term homeless receive the range of services they need.

This is the...

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