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23 Mar 2009

This report reviews initiatives since 2006 to combat petrol sniffing in remote communities and makes a series of recommendations for further action. This is a follow-up to the committee's 2006 report, Petrol Sniffing in Remote Aboriginal Communities (6432) .


4 Dec 2008

This report examines the levels of federal and Northern Territory government expenditure on Indigenous affairs and social services in the Northern Territory, including expenditure on services for families, children and people with disabilities in the Northern Territory, with particular reference to:

(a) the level...


27 Oct 2008

Special Disability Trusts (SDTs) were introduced in September 2006 to assist parents and immediate family members wishing to make private financial provision for the current or future accommodation and care of a family member with a severe disability. SDTs were designed to enable families to...


3 Oct 2008

This report makes recommendations aimed at setting a clearer future for mental health in Australia, providing greater accountability, improving the programs and services that already exist and addressing some of the remaining gaps and shortfalls. The committee considers that further investment, leadership and cooperation are...


25 Jun 2008

Risky and high risk drinking by young people and underage drinkers has become a major public health issue. This report investigates the data on consumption patterns and evidence supporting the government's proposed increase in excise, which the committee supports in the context of a range...

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