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19 Jul 2014

Summary : This paper suggests that there is a way to arrive at a proximate, dependable estimate of the number of Aboriginal frontier casualties at the hands of colonial Queensland’s Native Police Force. By using data that provides accurate information on the number and...

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6 Sep 2013

The war against online copyright infringement has been fought on a number of different fronts – via litigation against the P2P software providers who enabled it, the end users who engaged in it, and, most recently, against the ISPs who provide the infrastructure that permits...

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3 Jul 2013


'Smart cities' is a term that has gained traction in academia, business and government to describe cities that, on the one hand, are increasingly composed of and monitored by pervasive and ubiquitous computing and, on the other, whose economy and governance is...

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6 Feb 2013


We conducted a study of Australia’s media content regulation system in the context of three major Federal Government reviews of media law and policy (Australian Law Reform Commission, 2012; Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, 2012; Finkelstein, 2012). The current...

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5 Feb 2013

Abstract: Resilience and sustainability are two primary objectives for future cities. The violent consequences of extreme natural events and the environmental, social and economic burden of contemporary cities make the concepts of resilience and sustainability extremely relevant. In this paper we analyze the different...

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