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18 Jan 2018

In this chapter, Robert Hattam explores notions of citizenship and global citizenship through the prism of the culturally responsive school.


5 Nov 2017

This chapter shows how and why Australian firearm legislation altered very little for 65 years, but changed dramatically in 12 days. It explains the ‘perfect storm’ of horror, outrage, law and leadership which forced policy reversal, and details the lightning legislative adjustments now held up...


12 May 2017

This study results show that the Walkability PSS could support planners in several situations including testing and comparing planning scenarios for greenfield and brownfield areas, conducting consultation and/or workshops with various stakeholders and making decisions about the provision of new infrastructure.


11 Jan 2017

This paper explores four modelling challenges and proposes future trends for agent-based modelling of urban systems to better support planning decisions.


22 Dec 2016


This book offers a practical guide for policy advisors and their managers, grounded in the author’s extensive experience as a senior policy practitioner in central and local government. Effective policy advising does not proceed in ‘cycles’ or neatly ordered ‘stages’ and ‘steps’,...

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20 Mar 2014

This book presents a study of empowerment through a qualitative grounded theory analysis of the stories of people who participated in Family Wellbeing, an empowerment programme developed by Aboriginal Australians.


The concept of empowerment is highly relevant for promoting the health...


11 Oct 2013

The Sydney Food Fairness Alliance is one of a growing number of nascent food movements in Australia to have emerged out of concern for the country’s food future, as well as the deleterious effect the present food system is having on its citizens’ health and...


15 May 2012

This study aims to explore experiences of using maternal and child health services, from the perspective of families from refugee backgrounds and service providers. Often new arrivals from refugee backgrounds have experienced poor health and limited access to healthcare services.

The maternal and child...


14 Sep 2011

This research report explores the impact of poor oral health on the lives of a group young Indigenous Australians.

Social and emotional well-being is an important component of overall health. In the Indigenous Australian context, risk indicators of poor social and emotional well-being include...

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8 Sep 2010

The mass media has enormous potential to influence health-related behaviours and perceptions. Much research has focused on how the media frames health issues. This study sought to explore how journalists in Australia select and shape news on health issues.



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