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1 Sep 2017

Trans Pathways is the largest study ever conducted of the mental health and care pathways of trans and gender diverse young people in Australia (859 participants). It is also the first Australian study to incorporate the views of parents and guardians of trans young people...


1 Sep 2015

The Tasmanian Government has made a significant commitment in recent years to ensure children have the best possible start in life. However, the cycle of disadvantage within families and across generations remains a barrier to this and continues to prevent many children from realizing their...

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5 Nov 2014

This project aimed to determine the feasibility of an integrated pathway model of care for Aboriginal women in Western Australia during pregnancy.


Despite making substantial improvements in the health of Aboriginal Australians over the last ten years, significant gaps between Aboriginal...

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16 Sep 2014

Evaluates the effectiveness of existing suicide prevention services and programs in reducing suicide and suicide ideation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


The Australian Government has recently funded the University of Western Australia (working with the Centre for Research Excellence...


1 May 2014

The book is intended for staff and students and all health practitioners working in areas that support Indigenous mental health and wellbeing. Working Together offers a high quality, comprehensive examination of issues and strategies influencing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and social and...

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Journal article

13 Feb 2018

This study, in a representative sample of young people in detention in Western Australia, has documented a high prevalence of FASD and severe neurodevelopmental impairment, the majority of which had not been previously identified.

Policy report

Identifying early intervention and prevention pathways for child protection concerns raised in pregnancy: Preliminary Findings from Child Protection Departmental Case File Reviews
22 Oct 2017

This study aimed to provide a better understanding of the concerns being raised to the Department of Child Protection about unborn children, to examine patterns of risk factors, to identify subsequent child protection involvement for these children, and to study patterns in the data to...

Research report

10 Nov 2016

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) is an important Australian Government response to the above. This report summarises the work of ATSISPEP in expanding the evidence-base for what works in Indigenous community-led suicide prevention and is based on:


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