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19 Oct 2016

Donald Trump’s conduct throughout his campaign for President of the United States has brought into renewed focus a question made famous by Pontius Pilate: what is truth?

Trump has exploited the 24/7 symbiotic news cyclone in which social media and the professional journalism of...


17 Oct 2016

On Q&A, panellists duelled over the numbers of migrants Australia takes a year. Is it 200,000 or 800,000? How many are permanent and how many are temporary?



13 Oct 2016

Once upon a time different political perspectives were provided to the public by media reporting, often through their own painstaking research.

If an issue gained attention, several perspectives might compete to inform and shape public opinion. It often took decades for issues to make...

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12 Oct 2016

Dallas Rogers speaks with Western Sydney Univeristy's Alanna Kamp about her research on the forgotten lives of Chinese Australian women in the 20th Century, the silence in our census records about their experiences, and why it matters for our understanding of Australia’s national identity.



11 Oct 2016

Enabled by exponential technological advancements in data storage, transmission and analysis, the drive to ‘datify’ our lives is creating an ultra-transparent world where we are never free from being under surveillance.

Increasing aspects of our lives are now recorded as digital data that are...

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