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26 Sep 2018

What form should tertiary education take if it is to cultivate virtuous citizens?

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7 Jul 2016

One thing Election 2016 seems to have demonstrated, is that volatility is the new normal. Pendulum like election results, significant swings, minor parties and protest votes are the new political reality.

Does this demonstrate that voters are less addicted to political 'entertainment', less in...

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2 Jun 2016

The rise of protest politics in nations like the United States, Austria, Britain and France has seen a resurgence of populist movements and extremist political candidates on the right and the left.

But in Australia, this era of political instability seems to have produced...

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26 May 2016

Political philosophy has traditionally been concerned with the question of democratic legitimacy – the process by which the people confer the right to govern onto political representatives.

But with the rise of protest politics on the left and right alike, the people often seem...

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19 May 2016

Democracy has always had a rather fraught relationship with the market. As Aristotle first recognised, some wealth sharing can help rectify inherited inequality and so enhance political life; but it also has the potential to promote greed, doing great violence to the civic fabric....

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