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12 Sep 2011

It's what Australia's famous for. But while it's true we have oodles of sunshine, we haven't managed to capitalise on our competitive advantage when it comes to solar power.

We're among the world-leaders in research, but the Europeans have moved faster in harvesting solar...


22 Aug 2011

There's some good news on the horizon for female company directors: women make up almost a third of new appointments to Australian boards.

This is a dramatic turnaround, if you consider that just three years ago the number of women on ASX...


2 Aug 2011

Report after report into Australia's defence bureaucracy has revealed a culture which is dysfunctional and prone to making mistakes.

Expensive mistakes: billions of dollars have been spent on military hardware which have been an ongoing headache for the country's top military brass and their...


25 Jul 2011

The Federal Government is planning big changes to compulsory superannuation. It wants to lift the contribution rate from 9% to 12% and it's introducing MySuper, a simplified, low-cost investment option which is meant to meet the needs of most Australian workers who choose...


25 Jul 2011

The Federal Government wants to introduce $10,000 fines to penalise employers who take on illegal workers.

The meaures are released a report into illegal work in Australia, that concluded that at any time there are at least 100,000 people working in Australia without the...

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