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14 Feb 2018

This New Zealand Initiative submission recommends that the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill should not proceed until parliamentary debate can be informed by a competent official assessment of its likely net benefits (or costs) for New Zealanders.

Policy report

25 Jan 2018

The Christchurch earthquakes provided a few more important lessons for policy. The government must plan ahead to make post-disaster recovery simpler and it must avoid creating the prolonged policy and regulatory uncertainty that hindered Christchurch’s recovery.

Policy report

4 Dec 2017

This report addresses the issue of depletion of recreational fishing stocks in New Zealand.


8 Nov 2017

It is common knowledge that the pace of technological change is always increasing. New Zealand's ability to adapt to new technology depends on whether regulations can keep pace.

Audio program

7 Mar 2017

Morning Report put together a panel of under 45s to talk about the new policy to increase the age of entitlement for the pension from 65 to 67.

On the panel: Maori political commentator Morgan Godfrey (25), political blogger and director at Piko Consulting...

Research report

30 Jan 2017

When it comes to immigration, a natural but complicated question to ask is: “Is immigration good for New Zealand?” There are a number of ways immigration affects New Zealand and New Zealanders, and a number of concerns and fears New Zealanders have about immigration. This...

Research report

21 Nov 2016

This is the final report in a New Zealand Initiative series on local government. It aims to restore accountability, transparency and community responsibility to local government. We propose doing this by setting clear roles for each tier of government, with limits on the ability of...

Research report

21 Oct 2016

The public is constantly told income inequality is rising and the government should do something. This report seeks to explain why inequality matters, even though it has barely changed. It shows how income inequality did rise in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but has...

Research report

14 Sep 2016

Around 600,000 New Zealanders, almost thirteen percent of the population, fish recreationally each year in inshore waters. Many of them place great importance on the ability to take home a day’s catch.

Fishing is a valued pastime, a way to connect with nature and...

Research report

18 Aug 2016

New Zealand’s interest-free student loan scheme has not achieved its policy objectives and fails to help students from poorer backgrounds access tertiary education, according to this report from The New Zealand Initiative. Eliminating interest-charges on all student loans was a superb decision in political expediency;...

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