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15 Jun 2008

This research examines how board members of regional development agencies in Australia interpret and perform their governance role, and considers what this tells us about the nature of regional development governance.

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18 Jun 2018

Land is a finite resource with highly variable quality. Its rate of creation is negligible on the human scale. Land is also not a commodity as are other tradeable goods. The supply of high quality land, amenity-rich land with high-quality supplies of natural resources, such...


6 Feb 2018

Public should be given a greater say on development plans, experts say.


3 Jan 2018

AgriFutures Australia was pleased to partner with the University of New England to conduct this research, which examines alternative approaches to cost-benefit analysis of improved quality for rural roads.


Interdisciplinary approaches
28 Oct 2017

This book explores creative interdisciplinary and potentially transformative solutions to the current stalemate in contemporary water policy design.


10 Sep 2016

Among its key findings, the report highlights that suicide is a public health issue in Australia with 89% of respondents stating they knew someone who had attempted suicide and 85% knew someone who had died by suicide.