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28 Oct 2017

This book explores creative interdisciplinary and potentially transformative solutions to the current stalemate in contemporary water policy design.

Research report

10 Sep 2016

Among its key findings, the report highlights that suicide is a public health issue in Australia with 89% of respondents stating they knew someone who had attempted suicide and 85% knew someone who had died by suicide.

Conference paper

4 Dec 2015

Local government plays a vital role in providing infrastructure, services and employment to rural and regional communities. Indeed, threats to the fiscal viability of regional councils may well jeopardise the sustainability of an entire community. In December 2013 the New South Wales (NSW) Minister for...

Video program

23 Jul 2015

The short film Lessons for Life , shows real-life stories from people who have experienced suicidal thoughts as a powerful way to increase empathy and understanding. The Lessons for Life video shares incredible stories of resilience; stories that underpin SANE’s research into attempted suicide....

Research report

4 Dec 2014

Suicide is a serious worldwide health concern and is the fifteenth highest cause of death across all countries (WHO, 2014). The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently reported the highest suicide rate in the past decade, with 2,535 Australian lives lost to suicide in 2012...

Journal article

10 Jun 2014

Older age is often associated with asexuality. That is, older individuals are not viewed as desiring of sex, nor as sexually desirable to others. Broader social and cultural norms that downplay women's sexual desire and agency further compound these phenomena. Whether this popular image accurately...

Research report

4 Feb 2013

Though shaped by past elements, history demonstrates that future landscapes will be very different from those of the present. This is particularly so in coastal areas of rapid urban growth. The effects of climate change in the future will therefore be impacting on these quite...

Research report

10 Dec 2012

In late 2011, first year university students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses across Australia were invited to participate in the international Interests and Recruitment in Science (IRIS) study. IRIS investigates the influences on young people’s decisions to choose university STEM courses and...

Conference paper

14 Nov 2011

Media use is often implicated in debates about how young people should use their time for optimal benefit. In the child development literature and in more popular discourses, media use, and particularly television viewing, has long been associated with a number of serious social problems,...

Research report

4 May 2009

(85) A national online survey of school teachers has shown that almost all of the participants have been the targets of some form of bullying in the workplace.

More than 800 school staff members participated in the study, which found that 99.6 per...