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14 Dec 2017

The overwhelming majority of Australians say they care deeply about our built heritage, but recent battles over heritage listed Melbourne properties reveal that the protection and preservation of our buildings is fraught.

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10 May 2017

How does this year's budget sit against those of the past – and those potentially to come?

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2 May 2017

The notion of personal privacy in a digital society may be out of date. While many of us say we still want it, we willingly share our data – and dislike paying to protect it. Governments and online businesses covet our personal information. Meanwhile, almost...

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14 Apr 2017

There’s strong evidence to suggest that digital technology is altering human physiology. Host Madeleine Morris is joined by neuroscientist and psychologist Olivia Carter, and philosopher of science Michael Arnold – plus an audience full of questions – to talk brains, technology, policy and wellbeing.

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26 Jul 2016

‘Democracy is the worst form of government,’ Winston Churchill famously said, ‘except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time’.

But democracies come in very different shapes and sizes. And they’re always evolving; sometimes in response to pressure from within...

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13 May 2016

In The Road to Ruin: How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin Destroyed Their Own Government , Niki Savva argues that while the partnership between the former Prime Minister and his chief of staff was effective in opposition, it was catastrophic in government.

Join Sally...

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17 Feb 2016


How can we achieve a deeper understanding of Australia’s Indigenous history – not just in the abstract, but in the specific contexts of where we live, work and play? If all Australians had a relationship with Indigenous language, how would that affect...

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28 Nov 2015


'What does it mean to be conservative? Is it voting Liberal, is it thinking John Howard did a good job, or is it the day you stop changing your hairstyle and it just stays the way it is?'

As we age,...

Video interview

22 Oct 2015


Paul Keating is one of Australia’s most intriguing, controversial and reforming political figures. Kerry O’Brien is among our most experienced and incisive political journalists. In this fast-moving conversation, Keating dives into his relationships with US leaders, British monarchs and their silverware; the...

Video lecture/presentation

8 Oct 2015


We’re quizzing Australia’s leading editors on the performance of journalism in Australia over the past year. What major issues did journalists confront in 2015, and what are the challenges in 2016 and beyond? Will we award them an A+, or suggest they...

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