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14 Sep 2017

Now that journalists are using AI in the newsroom, what must they know about these technologies, and what must technologists know about journalistic standards when building them?


11 Nov 2016

In this article, Emily Bell, the director at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School discusses the need for Facebook to take greater responsibility for its media publishing policies.

Critics have accused Facebook of creating echo chambers and disseminating false and...

Research report

4 Nov 2016

Coverage of any breaking news event today often includes footage captured by eyewitnesses and uploaded to the social web. This has changed how journalists and news organizations not only report and produce news, but also how they engage with sources and audiences. In addition to...

Research report

2 Sep 2016

This paper seeks to describe this developing situation in the context of changes in the very nature of journalism and news. It identifies trends, problems, and best practices for more constructive journalism about terror. In the first section, the paper will look at the problems...

Blog post

26 Jul 2016

In this blog post, Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde discusses her experience interviewing political journalists for her ongoing Tow Fellow research project "Beyond 140 characters", which examines how, why, and under what circumstances political journalists engage with Twitter.

Pursuing a semi-structured, conversational style of interview, she was...

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