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4 Dec 2014

Local Government Councils are reliant on a number of funding sources including State and Federal governments as well as their community constituents to enable them to provide a range of public services. Given these funding sources councils need to have in place a range of...

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27 Jun 2014

Overview: The rise and rise of the mining sector and the fly in fly out worker may be paying the bills for thousands of families, but there is growing understanding of the adverse impacts on relationships.

The impact of FIFO parents on a...

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27 May 2014

This research was conducted to gain an understanding of rural and remote critical care families’ experiences during an inter-hospital transfer to a tertiary hospital's intensive care unit.

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28 Apr 2014


The extent of transformation of education by integration of ICT appears not to match that in other sectors. More effective preparation of teachers is widely assumed to be part of any solution, leading to interest in what knowledge, skills and dispositions are required...

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