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Science for Decision-makers

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The Royal Society of Queensland: 
Toowoomba, QLD
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01 Apr 2017
Course Commencement Date: 
09 Jun 2017

These are challenging times for decision-makers. Trust in public institutions is at an all-time low. Opinion is paraded as fact, social media is the primary source of public information, and advice from scientific experts is challenged or ignored. Today’s decisions are increasingly complex and inevitably require information from multiple sources, not always in agreement.

This Royal Society of Queensland workshop will demonstrate tools to evaluate and apply scientific data and expert opinion, enabling better public policy and business decisions. Supported financially by the Queensland Government through the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.

General topics to be explored include:

  • How scientific method can aid decision-making and policy
  • Identifying best sources of information
  • Determining the public interest
  • Alternative world views.

Topics relevant to the region may include:

  • Water resource planning
  • Climate change
  • Energy futures.

The workshop will be led by experts with scientific, policy and government experience.

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