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I conduct research on Chinese creative industries, particularly media. I teach and supervise PhD students in this area. I speak Chinese and spend two months of a year in China. My particular focus is on how arts, media and design businesses might find opportunities in Asia.

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9 Sep 2013

Review Details Date: 9 September 2013 Author: Michael Keane Publisher: Asian Creative Transformations Owning Institution(s): Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Book Details Title: Online@AsiaPacific Publisher: Routledge Date Published: 2013 Author/s: Larissa Hjorth Michael Arnold

Recently I took some visitors from mainland China for...

4 Apr 2013

China’s growing economic, political, and military capacity is the most geopolitically significant development of the 21st century, one which is already being branded the ‘ Asian century .’ Certainly the recent economic decline of the US and Europe plays directly into the hands of China’s...

10 Feb 2012

What does ‘creativity’ mean in China today? Is China serious about reforming its cultural and media sectors? Asks Michael Keane for CCI.

How do creative industries function under authoritarian style governance? In 2011 I published two books dealing with the creative industries in China....

25 Nov 2010

While many in China are embracing the notion of creativity, planning and managing it is another issue writes Michael Keane for APO

In 2009, Li Wuwei, an industrial economist from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, published Creativity is changing China . In this...



28 Jun 2009

*Note full resource has been lost.

Michael Keane writes that the West Kowloon Cultural District is drawing a deal of attention as Hong Kong seeks to engage with the creative industries. But not everyone is happy.

In September 2003, Hong Kong began its...

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