Anthony Bergin

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Last Name: Bergin
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31 October 2016

This paper considers common strategic interests, cooperation on traditional security issues and non-traditional security matters, and puts forward recommendations for enhancing the relationship ...

10 August 2016

This edited collection of papers examines the emerging concept of the Indo-Pacific, maritime tensions including in the East and South China Seas, transnational security issues, the role of Japan...

14 March 2016

This paper argues there’s a need for a whole-of-government approach to Australia’s external fisheries policy that recognises clear linkages between fisheries and foreign, trade, and strategic...

9 December 2015

The Port of Darwin lease highlights an urgent need to review how Australia takes account of its national security interests in making decisions about foreign investment.

18 August 2015

This paper argues that Australia’s foreign aid should be used to strengthen resilience to violent extremist ideologies.

6 August 2015

This paper argues that enhancing parliament’s role in national security will reinforce executive accountability, improve the quality of public debate over national security and serve to strengthen...

Technical report
30 June 2015

This paper examines the scope and nature of terrorism motivated by violent Islamist extremism in Australia through a comprehensive database, assesses the policy responses by the government to date...

20 April 2015

This paper suggests five immediate changes which could help make Australia's terrorism warning system better meet the public’s expectation that the government will provide useful information on...