Rod Lyon

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20 September 2016

The paper considers four case studies: the US–China relationship, the South Asian nuclear dynamic, the North Korean nuclear program and the challenges confronting US extended nuclear assurance in...

7 May 2015

Making strategic policy means solving a puzzle in three parts: understanding an environment largely not of our own making; determining our own global and regional role; and acknowledging a set of...

20 March 2015

This paper presents a series of posts on the fraught relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

18 August 2014

This paper contains ten short pieces on China’s growing power and influence, which is one of the most important public policy issues for Australia this decade.

17 July 2014

This paper presents a collection of views about the definition, role, purpose and health of strategic policymaking.

26 May 2014

As the Australian Defence Force frequently deploys within range of ballistic missile systems, this paper examines whether Australia needs to enhance its ballistic missile defence capabilities, and...

7 February 2013

The newly-released National Security Strategy provides good coverage of broad security issues, but could have given a more expansive...