International visitors in Australia: year ending March 2017

7 Jun 2017

International visitors to Australia spent a record $39.8 billion in the year ending March 2017 – 5% or $1.9 billion more than the previous year. The number of visitors aged 15 years and over reached 7.7 million, up by 9% to 650,000, while nights were up 5% to 262 million. Strong growth was reported across most of Australia’s major markets. Asia led the way with double digit growth for visitor arrivals across eight of the top ten Asian markets (China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand). The US market was also a key driver of growth in visitor numbers during the year, increasing 14% to 684,000. The top five contributors to spend in Australia were China, the US, the UK, New Zealand and Japan, with these countries contributing just over half (53% or $21.3 billion) of the total spend for the year. They also accounted for just over half (53% or 4.1 million) of all international visitor arrivals.  

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