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Peter Saunders was Director of the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW from February 1987 until July 2007, and now holds a Research Chair in Social Policy within the Centre. His research interests include poverty and income distribution, household needs and living standards, social security reform, comparative social policy and ageing and social protection in China.

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16 Oct 2018

The numbers in this report demonstrate the role played by public policy - especially social security, but also housing and employment policies - in increasing or reducing poverty. The evidence shows that through social security, housing and employment policies, as a nation, we choose the...


23 Mar 2008

Despite the well-known limitations of statistical measurement, there is still a vital need to document the extent of overall poverty and its incidence among different groups in Australia. Without such evidence, it is impossible to establish how successful social and economic policies have been in...


23 Nov 2007

Studies of Australian poverty have concentrated on comparing people's incomes with poverty lines. By focusing on income alone, poverty research has failed to connect with the actual living standards experienced by those in poverty. This paper addresses the broader issues of poverty and is the...


7 Nov 2007

By not providing an adequate and affordable public dental scheme, Australian governments have made what should be a relatively minor irritant (a toothache) into a major catastrophe for many people, not just those who are already doing it tough. The consequences of the lack of...


9 Mar 2006

Peter Saunders, Kelly Sutherland and co-authors report on the first stage of a project designed to develop new indicators of disadvantage for Australia in the new millennium. This stage of their project involved a series of focus group discussions with clients of selected welfare programs...

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