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Blog post
12 April 2017

This FlagPost provides a brief overview of the Work for the Dole program.

Briefing paper
31 August 2016

Examines housing affordability in Australia for both owners and renters over recent decades.

16 September 2014

Provides links to selected sources of financial assistance to community groups.

6 November 2013

This guide provides links to selected sources of financial assistance to community groups. It does not include links to scholarships, fellowships or research grants.

21 October 2013

This paper seeks to provide a guide to better understand: what is expertise, how to determine who are the relevant experts where it comes to the technical aspects of public policy debates, and how...

9 May 2012

This background note provides a brief overview of the context for the proposed labeling reforms and a summary of some of the research evidence on the effectiveness of alcohol health warning labels...

5 January 2011

This paper argues that paternalist policies may be considered justifiable under circumstances where high stakes decisions are involved, the decisions being made by individuals are irreversible and...

Briefing paper
2 November 2009

This paper examines the concept of social inclusion in order to determine its usefulness as a framework for social policy.

14 May 2009

This roundtable looked at the effectiveness of current approaches to environmental issues; the strengths and limitations of market-based and cooperative solutions; and institutions and incentives...

3 February 2009

This report examines the performance of all Australian governments providing education, justice, emergency management, health, community services and housing services.