Nicholas Horne


10 Nov 2017

In 2012 new arrangements regarding the remuneration of Commonwealth departmental secretaries came into effect. This paper sets out the revised system.

Research report

4 Sep 2013

In 2012 new arrangements regarding the remuneration of Commonwealth departmental secretaries came into effect. This paper sets out the new system and notes the previous arrangements.


The 2011 amendments to the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973 changed longstanding arrangements for the setting...

Research report

11 Jan 2012

This Background Note provides an overview of the current administration of Commonwealth Government advertising, together with some historical information.

Advertising has been an activity of Australian governments ‘since their inception’, and campaign advertising (coordinated advertising activities designed to inform or influence behaviour), in one...

Discussion paper

5 Jan 2011

The 2010 federal election resulted in the first hung Commonwealth parliament and minority government for almost 70 years, though hung parliaments are common at the state and territory level.

This background note provides a discussion of the hung Commonwealth parliament and associated matters including...

Briefing paper

17 May 2010

This background note provides a general overview of: the double dissolution process, including some unsettled issues; 'triggers’ for double dissolutions and legislation in the 42nd Parliament that could potentially constitute a trigger for a double dissolution election; double dissolutions and elections; the possible composition of...

Research report

6 Apr 2009

This research paper provides comprehensive information on the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 (Cth) (MoPS Act) employment framework including recent developments, staff figures, and staffing trends. The paper also updates and expands a previous Parliamentary Library publication on employment issues associated with the MoPS...

Research report

7 May 2008

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) operates a fl eet comprised of surface combatants, submarines, amphibious assault vessels, patrol boats and support vessels as well as a range of helicopters. In size it is a little larger than the navies of countries like Singapore and Thailand,...

Briefing paper

18 Feb 2008

This research paper surveys the major constitutional issues relating to Northern Territory statehood and gives an indication of the complexities and nuances involved. It discusses the application of Commonwealth legislation to the Territory after statehood and provides background on the Northern Territory’s constitutional development and...

Research report

22 Feb 2007

The government recently announced that it was in discussions with the US Government regarding the purchase of twenty-four Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft for the RAAF. This is a very significant development. It is essentially an admission that unacceptable risks have developed since the formulation...

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