Backing small business: creating jobs, opportunity and growth

25 May 2017

Every small business is the realisation of someone’s dream. Australia’s economy is strong thanks to small business people taking a risk and pursuing their dream. A strong small business sector means more jobs for Australians and more opportunities to build vibrant local communities across the country. Small business is Australia’s job creator. With 3.2 million small businesses employing 5.5 million Australians, the small business sector makes a big contribution to our economy. Small Businesses make up 99 per cent of all Australian businesses, contributing more than $380 billion to the economy. The Federal Government backs small business. Through lower taxes, simpler paperwork, help to purchase new equipment and access to new markets through trade agreements, we want to keep small business in the driver’s seat. Lower taxes will enable small business to grow and invest in their business and create more jobs. Simpler paperwork means small business will have more time to spend in their business and with their family and friends. Faster depreciation deductions help small business invest in the new equipment they need to have a go. Three new trade agreements means our small businesses — especially farmers — can access new markets to sell their products and services around the world and create more jobs. This is just the start of the Government’s plan for small business. This handbook is your guide to the support, programmes and advice the Australian Government and its agencies provide for small business. The Government wants to partner with small business to see it prosper for many years to come.

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