A census of Australian Public Service (APS) employee remuneration is conducted annually. The census provides participating APS agencies with agency-specific and APS-wide data that informs their remuneration practices. 

From 2015 to 2016, the median Base Salary for non-SES classifications increased by 0.3%, while the median Base Salary for SES classifications increased by 2.3%. The overall median Base Salary movement for all APS employees was 0.3%.

The median is the midpoint of all values. The median Base Salary is affected by a number of factors including general salary increases, performance-based incremental advancements and employee mobility.

Enterprise Bargaining in the 2016 calendar year saw 37 new agreements voted up. As a number of these were voted up late in the year, it is unlikely that all of the first general wage increases were in pay systems by 31 December 2016.

Ongoing engagements increased from 5,836 in 2015, to 11,192 in 2016. Ongoing promotions also increased from 6,988 in 2015 to 12,786 in 2016. These increases can affect median values as newly engaged or promoted employees tend to commence of salaries at the bottom of their salary scale.

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