Report of the Select Committee on access to the South Australian education system for students with a disability

30 May 2017

On 3 June 2015, a Select Committee of the Legislative Council was established to inquire into and report on access to the South Australian education system for students with disabilities, their families, and support networks, including:

a. The experience of students with disabilities, additional learning needs and/or challenging behaviours, and their families and advocates in the South Australian education system, including early childhood centres, junior primary, primary and high schools;

b. The experience of discrimination, including victimisation and harassment, of students with disabilities, including, but not limited to, educational institutions failing to provide students with the support needed to reach their full academic potential on an equal basis with non-disabled students;

c. The experience of segregation, restraint, lack of social opportunities and adequate supports for personal care requirements, and other personal care routines such as toilet use for students with disabilities;

d. The current level of initial and in-service training for teachers and other staff regarding students with disabilities, and suggestions for broadening and improving such training;

e. The appropriateness or otherwise of school based policies and funding mechanisms for behaviour management for students with disabilities

f. The availability of specialist staff in rural and regional South Australia; and

g. Any other related matter.


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