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13 February 2017

This research note summarises the methods and results of an analysis of household energy costs for Australia. Energy costs have increased sharply in recent years placing an increasing burden on...

6 April 2016

By linking censuses through time or by combining other information with the census, many more important policy questions can be answered than if we used one dataset alone.

5 November 2015

This paper, commissioned by the Australian Council for Social Service, with support from the Carnegie Foundation, provides the distributional household impact of the existing Goods and Services...

15 September 2015

This research for Anglicare Australia focusses on the changes in living standards for a broad range of family types in Australia between 2004 and 2014.

26 May 2015

This report provides interim modelling results of the distributional modelling which estimates the impact on families from government policy decisions taken since the last Federal election in 2013...

22 June 2014

Provides an overview of the child care industry in Australia, trends through time, international comparisons and a regional perspective on child care costs and affordability.

26 May 2014

This paper presents an analysis of the impact of tax and benefit changes under the Coalition Government, commissioned by the Opposition.

12 October 2013

This report shows an increase in overall poverty between 2000-01 and 2011-12 in spite of a strongly growing Australian economy. The report details poverty rates by a range of important household...

30 August 2013


NATSEM’s quarterly Household Budget Report introduces new national measures of cost of living and standard of living for Australian households. The report...