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29 Jan 2008

Australia has neither commercial nor military nuclear programs, but its long involvement with nuclear science, nuclear weapons tests and uranium mining has left a legacy of radioactive waste, the management of which has proven a tough policy nut to crack. This chronology – originally published...


5 Nov 2004

Journalists and cartoonists revel in the shame and humiliation of public figures, while politicians seek to embarrass each other in the fake combat of parliament. What psychodramas generate this behaviour, asks Paul Corcoran, and what does it tell us about ourselves and our political culture?...


10 Feb 2004

What should a public servant be able to say publicly about government matters? In August 2001, both civilian and military arms of Defence issued new instructions severely restricting staff contact with the media. Even tighter restrictions were imposed on Operation Relex, which interdicted people-smuggling operations...


18 Aug 2003

This chronology outlines the history of radioactive waste management in Australia. It documents the drawn-out policy processes associated with the management of Australia's small amount of radioactive waste material. It also outlines some of the key stages in the process of replacing Australia's only nuclear...


2 Jun 2003

This update of a chronology first released in 2000 describes the major changes that have taken place in the Australian Public Service since the 1970s, focusing on changes in the areas of accountability, openness, equity, and efficiency. The chronology is supplemented by tables of parliamentary...

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